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Teaching Your Dog To Be Good

Sit! That is one of the most popular commands given by master to dog. It can be seen as an effort to show the canine who is boss in the house. Or it can be seen as a means of showing off to others just what a good and clever ‘boy’ the dog is. But never a truer word was spoken when it was said that you can never teach an old dog new tricks. The basic dog obedience classes pine co registration process, however, may be a step in the right direction.

It is a lot more than teaching your mature dog demeaning tricks. These tricks are of no value to you. They certainly do not make the dog’s life any better. And as they say, it is a dog’s life indeed. But what really does make a domestic dog’s life. The three times a day walk is an important ritual. It is more than allowing the canine time and space to stretch its limbs. It is more than giving yourself so good exercise as well.

As far as the dog is concerned, this is one very important bonding ritual. You are there with it while it scans the territory for dangers. It seems ludicrous these days, because what more can a dog do in today’s suburban environments. He would be quite out on his ear if he was left to his own devices. Even in your company, he can be helpless. But he need not be. Dog obedience classes do teach him to be on his best behavior.

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But they can also teach him to be safe on the sidewalks. And this sense of security provides the dog with its dignity because it knows that it has looked after you as well.