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How Smart are Dogs?

We’ve all watched our dog tilt its head and gaze up at us with those cute little eyes while we speak to them, and it’s always made us wonder if our furry companions can hear us. Do they know what we are saying, or do they just know certain words? How smart is the average dog?

Well, dogs can empathize with us, and we don’t need a dog intelligence test to tell us that. They do have the ability to yawn when we yawn and often respond to changes in their owner’s mood. Dogs can sense when their owners are angry, happy, or sad, and then their behavior is influenced by what is happening with their owner.

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Dogs also like eye contact, and unlike other animals, do not see it as a sign of dominance or hostility. Through looking humans in the eyes, they become attached to them. When two humans look one another in the eyes, it fills the brain with a hormone that increases feelings of love, but dogs can have the same effect by looking at humans.

Due to this, dogs see humans as family members, not as masters. They can make major bonds with humans and even grow protective of young children and babies. They even act like children and depend on humans to protect them when something happens to them. In terms of understanding gestures and social cues, they’re even smarter than apes when it comes to interpreting them!

So, your dog might be able to show you how smart they are, and it’s because of their intelligence that they can love us as much as they do. They truly are man’s best friend, and without them and their unconditional love, the world would be a much lonelier place. So pet your pooch tonight, because they know exactly what it means.